Indianapolis, Indiana, May 17, 2024

Technology and racing have gone hand-in-hand for decades. Those who test boundaries and go where others haven’t gone before are often those who succeed as they find new ways to win.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is just one of the latest waves of technology to break into motorsport. The powerful tool perceives and learns from the data it’s given to help engineers make predictions and work better – but it is limited by manual inputs and training. Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) goes a step beyond traditional AI to transcend these limitations, integrating neural networks, symbolic reasoning, and evolutionary algorithms that make it possible for the tech to adapt to new challenges autonomously, giving engineers like Juncos Hollinger Racing’s Technical Director Yves Touron the information they need in order to succeed on track.

Yves, and former racing driver and Founder of TrueAGI Dr. Robert Werko, give us a peak into how the forward-looking technology is set to impact the future of the sport.

“Rob, as founder of TrueAGI, how did you see AGI technology fitting into the racing world?”

Dr. Robert Werko: The interest and decision to form this partnership made sense on many levels. While working as an established researcher in advanced AI, in parallel, I took on the challenge of open-wheel racing. I quickly realized that there were so many opportunities in motorsport for AI. IndyCar was the clear choice as the leader in open-wheel racing to apply our achievements in AGI research to improve motorsports performance. As a team dedicated to challenging boundaries and testing new things, we believed that Juncos Hollinger Racing was the best fit to apply our revolutionary technological achievements in a new way.

“Yves, how does technology like AGI give the team an edge to help you make decisions on track?”

Yves Touron: As engineers, we have to have open eyes on the future and are always looking at what new technology can do to help our specific needs. It is in the definition of an engineer to constantly want to develop and use new technology, and find ways to use that technology to improve their own area of expertise.

For example, automotive designers are working with AI to define ‘organic’ structural design to apply in the design of their cars. That’s what makes our job interesting: data analysis and technical development. The more information we can glean from these tools, paired with working directly with the drivers on their personal preferences and driving styles, the better equipped we are to think outside of the box and build something spectacular.

Applications built on AGI research helped us improve our processes and efficiency in all technical aspects of the development of the car and in our race and test analysis, giving us the vital tools, resources, and information to best support our engineers and drivers to succeed.

“How do you predict AGI technology will impact racing, both today and in the long-term?”

Dr. Rob: We started this business to help empower companies and humanity with the capabilities and technology that push the limits of performance, so it only makes sense that it fits so naturally in racing. Our goal is to realize the benefits of our AGI research and ultimately provide intelligence synergistically across all areas of JHR, performing at light speed. The quantum leap that AGI will make over the current and future outlook of leading AI developers raises decision-making to an unrealized level. Engineers will be able to leverage the power of AGI to supplement human performance in a hybrid approach to increase motorsports competition, leading to a heightened experience for fans and viewers.

Yves: Both today and in the long-term, engineers are relying more on AI and technology to enable us to make better decisions by processing lot more data than we can on our own. Progress in technology usage for racing teams, and specifically IndyCar, is also dictated by access – primarily having the necessary resources to be able to explore those areas of development. A partner like TrueAGI equips us with an extensively valuable output of information that is vital when looking for a competitive edge against our competitors.

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