Indianapolis, IndianaSeptember 3, 2023


Indianapolis, 3 September 2023 – Juncos Hollinger Racing, the esteemed IndyCar racing team renowned for its dedication to fan engagement and community support, is thrilled to announce the launch of a groundbreaking initiative that allows fans to advertise their faces or logos on both the #77 and #78 cars for the remainder of this season and throughout the whole of the 2024 season. This unprecedented opportunity not only enables fans to demonstrate unwavering support for the team but also directly contributes to Juncos Hollinger’s pursuit of becoming an IndyCar championship-winning team.

Through this exclusive program, fans can now have their faces, those of their loved ones or even their favorite pets prominently displayed on the team’s cars, a space traditionally reserved for corporate sponsors. This unique advertising opportunity empowers fans to make a tangible impact on the team’s success while sharing in the excitement and thrill of racing. With their own personal pictures featured prominently on the vehicles, fans become an integral part of the Juncos Hollinger racing experience.

“We firmly believe that our fans are the lifeblood of Juncos Hollinger Racing, and the ‘Power of the People’ initiative underscores our commitment to fan engagement,” said Ricardo Juncos, Team Co-Owner. “By offering this opportunity for our fans to advertise themselves, their loved ones or even their businesses on our cars, we provide them with a tangible and meaningful way to support our team’s journey towards championship victory. We are excited to see our fans become a visible part of our racing efforts.”

Brad Hollinger said: “The Power of the People program brings fans together with a common passion, their love for motor racing and the thrill of winning the IndyCar championship. Just as fans rally around the excitement of racing, this program channels that collective enthusiasm into uniting communities, leveraging the shared energy to drive empowerment and create lasting victories beyond the track.”

To participate in this unique fan engagement opportunity, fans can participate through the Juncos Hollinger website ( for a small annual fee. The window for advertising space in 2023 has now closed but reopens again on September 3rd for the 2024 season. The fee not only grants fans the chance to have their faces or logos featured on the #77 and #78 cars but also supports the team’s ongoing development, technological advancements, and talent acquisition — all critical elements in Juncos Hollinger Racing’s pursuit of championship success.

Power of the People participants will enjoy exclusive benefits, including behind-the-scenes access, special merchandise, and priority invitations to team events. The “Power of the People” program is dedicated to creating a vibrant and inclusive community around the team, and this initiative is another step towards realizing that goal.

Small businesses that choose to advertise on the cars will attain the status of an “Approved Sponsor” for Juncos Hollinger Racing. They will also be granted authorization to prominently showcase this affiliation on their own promotional materials.

To learn more about how to place your advertisements on the Juncos Hollinger cars, please visit and follow the provided instructions.

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