Founded in 2021 by tech and cultural visionaries Bennett Collen and Stephanie Howard, Endstate is a Boston-based enterprise. Bennett is the former Founder/CEO of Cognate (acquired by GoDaddy in 2018) and is considered one of the blockchain industry’s foremost authorities on connecting real-world assets to the blockchain while Stephanie is an accomplished creative director with an iconic legacy at Nike, New Balance, and Reebok. Endstate continues to disrupt fashion industry standards by integrating blockchain technology into the product ownership journey and pushes the boundaries of today’s physical products and branded experiences. To learn more, visit

Endstate revolutionizes the product ownership experience by creating tech-enabled footwear and apparel that unlock access to exclusive events and content, and instant authentication via NFC chip (Endstate’s 3chip). We created ‘Powered By Endstate’ to partner with brands so they, too, can launch their own products embedded with Endstate 3chips, and link their customers to unparalleled branded experiences.