Our mission is to become the dominant force in the INDYCAR and INDY NXT series. We prepare our race cars with F1 precision and have brought together a 40-strong team to make sure we fully exploit the Power of Possibility.

750 Horsepower
680 KG
2 Turbos
240 MPH

Soon: Under the skin
of the JH.77-23

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The INDYCAR is fast and well balanced, but it’s also an animal that constantly needs taming. It takes you to the extremes of what’s possible when you’re driving a car on a track." callum Ilott



forge a new path

Nurturing the next generation of INDYCAR stars is a big motivation for our team. And INDY NXT is the ultimate proving ground for young drivers. Our youngsters fine-tune their racing skills under the watchful eye of our driver development specialist, Ricardo Juncos.

450 Horsepower
635 KG
1 Turbo
200 MPH

Soon: A closer look
at the JH.75-23

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