Our mission is to become the dominant force in the INDYCAR and INDY NXT series. We prepare our race cars with F1 precision and have brought together a 40-strong team to make sure we fully exploit the Power of Possibility.

750 Horsepower
680 KG
2 Turbos
240 MPH
The INDYCAR is fast and well balanced, but it’s also an animal that constantly needs taming. It takes you to the extremes of what’s possible when you’re driving a car on a track." Romain Grosjean



forge a new path

Nurturing the next generation of INDYCAR stars is a big motivation for our team. And INDY NXT is the ultimate proving ground for young drivers. Our youngsters fine-tune their racing skills under the watchful eye of our driver development specialist, Ricardo Juncos.

450 Horsepower
635 KG
1 Turbo
200 MPH