INDY NXT Team Coordinator


Juncos Hollinger Racing is seeking a dedicated and skilled INDY NXT Team Coordinator to join our team!


As the linchpin of success for Juncos Hollinger Racing’s INDY NXT team, the INDY NXT Team Coordinator is the driving force behind all facets of team excellence. Your mission is clear: take charge of the INDY NXT Team Requirements, wield mastery over the team’s vinyl inventory, and seamlessly support NTT INDYCAR Series Driver PR during non-NXT race events.

Commercial Team

  • Dynamic Driver Story Crafting and Pitching:
    • Innovate captivating storylines for JHR NXT drivers and pitch them to influential media outlets across motorsports, fashion/lifestyle, and regional sports.
    • Execute flawless media campaigns, from ideation to creation of pitch materials, and deliver results with precision.
    • Regularly update the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) with comprehensive reports on campaign outcomes.
  • On-site PR Mastery:
    • Take center stage in managing on-site PR for JHR NXT drivers, handling media requests, orchestrating driver schedules, and furnishing the CMO with daily activity reports.
  • NTT INDYCAR Series PR Supremacy:
    • Extend your passion to NTT INDYCAR Series PR during non-NXT races, amplifying the team’s presence and impact.


  • Operational Command as NXT Team Coordinator:
    • Operate with finesse under the guidance of INDY NXT Team Manager, overseeing and optimizing NXT team operations to perfection.
  • Travel Logistics Maestro:
    • Commandeer the coordination of NXT team travel logistics, ensuring a seamless journey for all team members.
  • Hospitality and On-site Brilliance:
    • Elevate the team experience by flawlessly managing hospitality needs, catering, and on-site requirements.
  • Decal Domination:
    • Take the reins of JHR team-wide vinyl/decal management, orchestrating impeccable applications as needed.
    • Collaborate seamlessly with team members to ensure the synchronized application of decals.
    • Uphold a fortress of material and decal stocks, meeting the team’s demands with unwavering preparedness.
  • Special Project Conqueror:
    • Embrace and conquer special projects by the Indy Car Team Management or ownership, showcasing your pride in taking on challenges and delivering exceptional results.

This role demands nothing short of excellence. If you are a strategic virtuoso with a relentless drive for success, a passion for motorsports, and an unwavering commitment to perfection in a high-octane environment, seize this opportunity to be an integral part of Juncos Hollinger Racing’s relentless pursuit of victory.

Juncos Hollinger Racing is an equal opportunity employer, and we encourage candidates from all backgrounds and experiences to apply.

Our team

Juncos Hollinger Racing fosters a passionate and tightly knit team environment. Team members share a common love for motorsports and a dedication to achieving success. This sense of camaraderie and shared purpose creates a supportive and motivating workplace. Rooted in a strong belief in the power of possibility we thrive to change the status quo with our own brand of excellence.

Maintaining a reputation for our unwavering commitment to meticulous attention to detail in car preparation and strategic race planning, we consistently strive for perfection. Our dedication to quality ensures that employees are part of a world-class operation and at the forefront of racing technology.

Juncos Hollinger Racing values the growth of our team members. Whether you’re starting at an entry-level position or joining with experience, the team offers opportunities for career advancement and skill development, encouraging personal and professional growth. No matter your background, you can help in the pursuit of victory at Juncos Hollinger Racing.

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